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Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex gives Joggy Bear a big bear hug at the Launch of the Joggy Bear Franchise on 6th May.

Joggy Bear was thrilled to exercise for Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex when she came to visit his work place. She joined in with some of his fun exercises and action tests and she was quicker than all the other guests with her answers!

Joggy did a perfect bow when he presented The Countess with a miniature of himself after he had led lots of pupils from Slough schools in energetic, exciting routines. Joggy felt deeply honoured when she asked for a bear hug.

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About Us

Welcome to the Joggy Bear Fit Club

Fitness presenter Lizzie Webb and Olympic Rowing medallist Debbie Flood are currently piloting Lizzie's "Joggy Bear Fitness, Socialisation and Literacy Programmes" with a year's grant from the Queen's Trust Fund and the Berkshire Community Foundation.

The programmes are being taught by our team of instructors in weekly half day sessions in 1 nursery school and 3 primary schools in Slough.

At the end of 2014, we will be franchising these Early Learning Years Joggy Bear programmes to local education authorities, fitness centres and individual franchisees.

The series of programmes are for 3 different age groups; Under 3's, 4-5 year olds and 6-7 year olds.

Lizzie originated her character in the early 90's when she was ITV's breakfast television's fitness presenter. The" Lizzie & Joggy Bear" video reached the No2 position in the Children's Video Charts and Channel 4 serialised the 3 videos in their early morning Sunday Children's programmes.

Keep watching this space for further news of our Joggy Bear franchise

A message for all our Joggy Bear fans from the 90's

We hope you've continued doing all the Joggy Bear exercises so your fit, strong and healthy.

For anyone that's now an adult who didn't do them, no more excuses, you can join in all over again!

Cub Bears for the Under 4's...

Are you ready to join in with the fun of all the activities in the Joggy Bear Fit Club? There are so many things for you to do as well as the super fit work outs with Joggy. You can enjoy colouring in his pictures, read a story and sing along with some great songs like the Joggy Bear Song. Make your time special with Joggy and send him a big bear hug. And why not give people you love a big bear hug too.

Joggy Bear Big Bears Club for 5+...

Some important facts about Joggy Bear. He dreams of winning a gold medal at the Bearlympics and becoming a famous sports star. He is always exercising and playing sport but he's not sure which sport he will be the best at. He'll keep trying as many as he can as he's determined to win that medal.

But he's not very good at tidying up. His favourite food is squashed banana and his favourite word is "piffle" (when he's in trouble) And he does like to go around asking people "How are you?" so he can see them saying "Bearing up" with a big thumbs up. He thinks he's very funny!

We hope you're bearing up and enjoying jigging and jogging along with Joggy.